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Hot Script Hot Script Hot Script Hot Script
Hot Script Hot Script Hot Script Hot Script

About: Say hello to another of my hot and trendy scripts, Hot Script!

I got the inspiration for this one in the world of sign painters. My neighbourhood, and more specifically the avenue were I live, is very well known for its ''parrillas'': For those who don't know what this means, well, it may be better to live the experience rather than reading these lines. Villa Urquiza is full of restaurants with an argentinian flavour, with a ''gauchezco'' feel. Here you can taste some of the best ''asados'' in the entire world.

Ok, this made me hungry, let's go back to type: These amazing venues still mantain genuine elements from the past, and try to preserve the beauty of the handcrafted. Parrillas of Buenos Aires have all their walls, windows and doors lettered with chalk or paint. I've always wanted to make a font out of that, and Hot Script is my first attempt. I believe the results are great!

Hot Script follows some rules of the flat brush (see terminals, and tails especially in caps) but its contrast of thicks and thins was manually altered to make the font better for a wider range of uses.

Although the sexy curves and versatility of Hot seemed to be enough, I decided to spice it a little more by creating some layers for it: Hot Script Shine Solo or Hot Script Shades Solo combined with Hot Script will give outstanding results. (Look for them combined in the posters above and dare to deny it!)

Go make your project more savory! This font is Hot, hot, hot!

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