Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading and Installation

How to Download Fonts

After you place an order with Font Bros, you will be presented with a page that contains download links for all fonts ordered. Simply click once on each link and the font download will begin immediately. Depending on how your browser is configured, you may be asked if you want to save the file or open it with an application. We recommend that you choose to save it and make note of the download location for later installation. If you don’t recall or cannot locate where each file was saved to, it is likely in your ‘downloads’ folder which is commonly located on your desktop.

In addition, you will also receive an order confirmation email which contains links to where you may re-download the font files if you didn’t download them at the time of purchase. If you have ordered multiple products, there will be one link per product, as each must be downloaded separately.

Lastly, at any time after your purchase you wish to download the font files again, you can easily do this by logging into your user account and re-downloading any previous order or individual font.

How to Install for MacOS

  1. Locate the file that was downloaded. It will be a compressed file with .zip at the end of the file name that must be expanded before it can be installed. Simply double click the .zip file and the operating system will uncompress it automatically.
  2. Open the new folder that was created by the expansion process. You will see several files and folders, depending on the font you purchased (you will find PDFs of our license agreement, a general-information read me file, and font-specific manuals if your purchase includes them). Locate the folder named ‘Open Type’ and open it. Enclosed are the font files that are to be installed.
  3. Double-click the OS X hard drive icon.
  4. Open the Library folder.
  5. Open the Fonts folder.
  6. Drag the font files into the Fonts folder.
  7. That’s it!

Note: You may need to quit and restart any open applications to see the fonts in their font menu

How to Install for Windows

Windows 7 or 10

  1. Locate the file that was downloaded. It will be a compressed file with .zip at the end of the file name that must be expanded before it can be installed. Simply right click the .zip file and choose ‘Extract All…’ from the popup menu. Select where you would like to save the folder, then click ‘Extract’.
  2. Right-click the font you want to install and choose ‘Install’ from the popup menu.


Can I use these fonts with embroidery or vinyl cutters?

We don’t guarantee that our fonts will work with every embroidery or vinyl cutting software or machines – Some users have success and some don’t.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide support for these uses simply because we aren’t knowledgeable about each manufacturer’s hardware or software. We would strongly suggest prior to purchasing, to check with the manufacturer of your machine and software for information on using OpenType or TrueType fonts within them.

Also, web forums are good places for gathering information on which specific font types will work for your software or machine, as well as strategies for getting OpenType or TrueType fonts to work properly.

How do I use my monogram font?

Monogram fonts may require special key combinations in order to work properly. Each monogram font has a PDF read me file that explains step-by-step how to create the desired monogram look. If you purchased a family of multiple monogram fonts, each one will have a separate PDF. If you have accidentally misplaced the PDF, log in to your account and re-download the font to access the PDF.

How do I install a font on multiple computers?

You can transfer the fonts in the same way you would transfer other types of files between computers. You may use a USB thumb drive, email the files between machines or transfer the files via a network (provided they aren’t stored there). You can also re-download the fonts by logging in to your account from each machine you intend to install them on and download them again.

Also, make sure you’re only installing the fonts on licensed users computers (identified at the time of purchase) which you can upgrade at anytime. Each individual user may have the fonts installed on up to two computers they use provided they’re the only user of those computers.

My computer crashed! Is there any way to get my fonts back without having to buy them again?

Of course! Simply log in to your account to access and re-download any previous order or individual font purchased.

If you purchased from our old site or haven’t yet logged in, here’s what to do the first time you want to access your account:

1. Go to the Sign In page, enter the email address you purchased with and choose “No, I do not have a password”

2. Click the “Sign Up!” button.

3. You will be taken to a sign up page. Enter your information, choose a password, and click “Create Account”.

4. You will now have access to all your previous purchases.

Will these fonts work on my computer? What format are they?

Every single font that we offer at Font Bros is offered in a universal OpenType font format which works on every Macintosh OS X through the latest version AND on every version of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95 on up through the newest Windows OS. OpenType fonts also have the benefit of being cross-platform compatible, so the same file can be used on both Macintosh AND Windows computers.

By default, all fonts are offered in OpenType (Postscript) format and we also include TrueType fonts when provided by the foundry. Also, at any time you require the font in additional or legacy formats, we’ll be happy to provide this upon request, no problem!

I'm having trouble installing the fonts, what do you suggest?

We’re here to help! Click here to check out our complete guide to downloading and installing our fonts on your computer.

Are there any restrictions on using Font Bros fonts?

Thanks for asking! We’ve compiled a detailed section all about how our licensing works. If you have a question that starts with “Can I use the font to…” then read about what is permitted in our font licensing and use area here. Also, if you’d prefer, you may also review our license agreement in its entirety by clicking here.

Can I use the free fonts in a commercial manner?

With every free font that you download from our site, it includes a PDF file from the author which explains what uses are and aren’t permitted. Please refer to this file or contact the author directly if you have any questions.

I want to buy a font for more users than the site will allow, now what?

While our shopping cart can easily and automatically calculate pricing for on the total number of end users each font is being purchased for, sometimes it makes more sense to discuss your licensing needs and make sure you’re getting all the discounts such a large order can qualify for.

The shopping cart will submit an automatic price quote estimate to us anytime such a large number of end users is being licensed for and we’ll do our best to get right back to you with a quote as fast as possible! If you’d rather, feel free to send us an online support request and let us know more about your licensing needs and we’ll be happy to estimate your licensing directly.

Do you offer webfonts licenses options?

The majority of fonts offered by Font Bros can be licensed in webfont format to embed on their websites (using @font-face via CSS). The one-time payment is varies based on the total number of monthly pageviews on your website. All webfont files are delivered instantly after the order is submitted.

Please Note: There is no additional cost if a user wishes to create images for their website using any desktop fonts licensed from Font Bros.

Can I share my newly purchased fonts with friends and colleagues?

When you rent a car, you don’t actually buy the car but rather you enter into an agreement for how you can use the car while you’re using it – Fonts work exactly the same way!

What you’re actually buying is a license to use the fonts and one of the first things you agree to when you purchase this license is that you won’t sell, rent, re-license, lend or freely give the fonts away to anybody.

If you have a friend or colleague who wants to swap fonts with you or requests free fonts from you, please let them know it’s not only illegal but it will immediately terminate your font license with us.

Further, it also harms the income of the font designer who spent hours upon hours creating the font you felt was good enough to purchase with your own money. Instead, please encourage others to support the designer of the fonts by purchasing them from Font Bros.

Foundry Partners

How do I apply to sell my fonts with Font Bros?

Our foundry onboarding team reviews all requests for new font designers who want to sell their fonts with Font Bros.

To apply, please submit a foundry inquiry request on our contact page with links to where we can see the font families you have designed.
Someone will reach out with more information on whether your font designs are going to be a good match for our current needs.

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