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Roadkill Pro

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Derived from a photograph Rian Hughes took in Hong Kong, the Roadkill family of typefaces is a literal interpretation of rough and worn road lettering.

The original provided almost all of the key character shapes, with the others being designed to keep the unique hand painted feel intact. Most of the letters have alternate versions provided.

This font works equally well at wider letterspacing settings. Roadkill Alternates provides curved versions of the 2 and the S, a G with higher crossbar, and less worn versions of several other characters. The heavy version packs even more gritty wallop in a non-condensed and blacker weight.

Roadkill Heavy packs even more gritty wallop in a non-condensed and blacker weight.

Use in conjuction with the original Roadkill and Roadkill Alternates.

A set of arrows and other road symbols again taken directly from tarmac to Mac, thus preserving the worn and eroded appearance of the original characters is also part of the Roadkill family.

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Roadkill Pro Symbols  |  View All 59 Glyphs

Roadkill Pro Symbols

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Roadkill Pro Regular  |  View All 372 Glyphs

Roadkill Pro Regular

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Roadkill Pro

Font Family by Device

2 Font Styles from $84

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