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Prota Pro

Font Style by Igor Petrovic

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PROTA PRO is a super-clean sans-serif typeface, with rounded monoline stroke. It has an ultra-modern and noble-tech look, inspired by the appearance of top-notch IT brands. The refined design, which celebrates maximum legibility, represents the philosophy of minimalism and functionality sublimed in the credo ?Less is more?. It has over 440 characters (supporting over 80 Latin-based languages) and extensive sets of punctuation, symbols and monetary signs (26 currencies), plus arrows set as a bonus. Prota Pro is supplied with a standard set of OpenType features.

Clean open contours, thin uniform strokes, simplified letter shapes, and subtly squarish curves fit perfectly with the spirit of the AI digital age, ever-increasing flow of information, new scientific achievements, and brave intelligent solutions devised by new startup companies. It is designed to be a multi-purpose typeface that looks good both on screen and in print, in text and a headline. Special attention was given to the look of Prota Pro on the screen at a smaller font size. This is achieved by manually setting PostScript hints in font production software.

It is perfect for business cards, brochures, logos, banners, cover images, and many more! Each character is carefully crafted with maximum precision.

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Prota Pro

Font Style by Igor Petrovic

1 Font Style from $24

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