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Font Style by Igor Petrovic

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Welcome Zoran ? a new elegant sans-serif font that celebrates the meaning of the written word. Its design represents the sweet spot between rationality and style. The idea was to make a clean, legible typeface with a strong aesthetic appeal on the other side.

That means that Zoran has its own carefully refined personality. It's serious but romantic, functional but attractive. Meeting these different keywords in one balanced visual voice, this font is suitable for various types of usage, as shown in the promo images. From body text (small sizes) where it builds a very even texture (the relation of white and black on the page), over headlines (medium size), up to very big sizes in specific graphic design situations. It's suitable for on-screen usage and is thoroughly print tested on paper.

Its typographic identity is characterized by the simplicity of letter shapes, relatively narrow proportion, and mid-to-high contrast (a ratio between thick vertical and thin horizontal elements of the letter). This brings a kind of renaissance dignity and elegance. Open letter shapes (i.e. G, S, a, s), subtly squarish curves, high x-height (the height of the lowercase letters), and comfortable descender size (deepest point of the letters p, g, y...) leave a generous white space which increases legibility and readability.

The warm and quaint look of the Zoran typeface is enhanced with ? what is in typography called ? humanist elements of its design. Angled vertical and horizontal endings as well as flared (pseudo-serif) terminals on curved open characters subtly resemble the broad-nib pen movement of the Renaissance masters.

A lot of other characters in the set bear this kind of subtle humanist feeling ? angled vertical stems of capital M, slightly curved and flared tail on Q, the open upper part of ampersand loop, a bit curved diagonal and wedged arm on figure 4 ? to mention a few. This logic is consistently applied throughout the whole character set building a unified and convincing visual tone.

Zoran has an extensive set of 389 characters and supports over 80 Latin-based languages. Special attention was given to the design of accents, which are clearly pronounced and adjusted to fit the various contexts they appear in, as shown in the promo images.

Works both on Mac and Windows.

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Font Style by Igor Petrovic

1 Font Style from $24

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