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Font Family by Igor Petrovic

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Razumec is a carefully crafted display serif typeface with a highly unique personality. Its epic yet warm sentiment is established by a skillful blend of slab and wedge serifs, tapered stems, curves with raised center, and creative weight distribution. Proper pronunciation of these style elements influenced wide proportions and medium-to-high contrast.

Besides its main typology, it incorporates subtle allusions to a spectrum of typographic and visual traditions, from calligraphy, ordinary handwriting, blackletter, and medieval uncial script to the neoclassical Didone and industrial typefaces. All of these flavors are combined tastefully and consistently throughout the whole set.

With its rich visual identity, Razumec is primarily intended for display usage, as shown in the promo images. It's perfect for branding and packaging. Fantastic for projects focusing on storytelling like fairy tales, epic fantasy books, and video games with historic or adventurous themes. Superb for theme magazines, quotes, headlines, museum and concert brochures.

On the other side, its authentic historical voice works great as a strong counterpart point in ultra-modern contemporary designs for print and screen. Web design, motion graphics, conceptual art, posters, and social media material are just the first few ideas.

The laborious production process focused on achieving a high level of classical typographic virtues rather than having an extensive character set. Beautiful stylistically consistent characters with balanced weight and width, high-quality curves, meticulous spacing and kerning, well-articulated diacritics, and punctuation were priorities. Special attention is given to solving problematic letter pairs through contextual alternates, which enable better spacing and smooth joints (hence the recommendation to always keep the Contextual alternates feature on for this font. Learn more about it HERE/LINK). Razumec is a small but well-executed and thoroughly tested font.

Font family comprises nine weights plus variable font.*

* Variable font lets you access all the weights through the single font file. In apps that support it, you will find a slider where you can pick any number from 100 to 900 corresponding to 800 possible font weights. Learn more about variable fonts and their support on the following two links: VF ABOUT/LINK and VF SUPPORT/LINK.

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10 Fonts Included

Razumec Thin  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Thin

from $29

Razumec Black  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Black

from $29

Razumec ExtraBold  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec ExtraBold

from $29

Razumec Bold  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Bold

from $29

Razumec SemiBold  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec SemiBold

from $29

Razumec Medium  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Medium

from $29

Razumec Regular  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Regular

from $29

Razumec Light  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Light

from $29

Razumec ExtraLight  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec ExtraLight

from $29

Razumec Variable  |  View All 246 Glyphs

Razumec Variable

from $119

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Font Family by Igor Petrovic

10 Font Styles from $119

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