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Ala Kazam
Ala Kazam Ala Kazam Ala Kazam Ala Kazam Ala Kazam

About: Ala Kazam is a new take on Calligraphic fonts. It has all the drama and pen-like quality of the calligraphy genre, but presents as a casual, quirky, magical font. Ala Kazam evokes many moods - it’s fun, it’s sophisticated, it’s fashionable, it’s contemporary romance. It’s perfect for a host of uses - branding, packaging, kids stuff, fashion, wedding stationery, greeting cards. Vigorous and readable, Ala Kazam has all the features usually included in a fully professional font. Language support includes all European character sets, Greek symbols and all punctuation. Ala Kazam makes use of OpenType features to avoid the mechanical look caused by two identical characters side by side.

Tags: Font, Handwritten, calligraphic

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