R9 Type+Design is a small independent type foundry from Canada. Established in 2016 – by Tana Kosiyabong and Sir Angus of Gastown, the French Bulldog – R9 has focused on crafting retail and custom typefaces with love.

Tana Kosiyabong is an award-winning Creative Director/Art Director/Designer with 20 years of experience in creative and design. His body of work spans from traditional and digital creative advertising to environmental design and typeface design. After a long stint assisting clients in seven cities across North America and Asia with their creative needs, he decided to start building a brand of his own. While exploring tons of ideas over several buckets of fried chicken wings smothered in sweet Thai chili sauce and fresh-brewed coffee, he stumbled upon a little type sketch. One thing led to the other; the drawing had turned into a big typeface family, Alio™. And most importantly, even after several months of working long hours, seven days a week and countless kerning pairs, he found himself falling in love with type design.


Aldero Black + Black Italic
Aldero Light + Light Italic
Aldero Medium + Medium Italic
Aldero Regular + Italic
Aldero Starter Pack
Alio Decor Family
Alio Decor Starter Pack
Alio Pro Family
Alio Pro Starter Pack
Alio Text
Alio Text Pair - Bold + Bold Italic
Alio Text Pair - Light + Light Italic
Alio Text Pair - Medium + Medium Italic
Alio Text Pair - Regular + Italic
Alio Text Starter Pack
Aqueo Starter Pack A
Aqueo Starter Pack B
Aqueo Starter Pack C
Augmento Condensed Family
Augmento Condensed Pair - Black + Black Italic
Augmento Condensed Pair - Bold + Bold Italic
Augmento Condensed Pair - Light + Light Italic
Augmento Condensed Pair - Medium + Medium Italic
Augmento Condensed Pair - Regular + Italic
Augmento Condensed Pair - Thin + Thin Italic
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