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I just visited my good friend Jakob Fischer from in Denmark. As always we talked fonts, drank coffee and walked endlessly through Copenhagen, the city where he lives. We thought it would be a fun idea to each create a font from a handmade sign we saw in the city. We only had like 7 glyphs to work with, so the rest was up to our imagination. We also thought it would be nice to give the fonts a similar name.

Mundbind means mask in Danish. When you Google translate it, it will give you the wrong translation (it will say 'mouth piece'), so trust me on this one! My font is called Mundbind NL - where the NL stands for Netherlands. Jakob will hopefully call his finished font Mundbind DK - where the DK stands for Denmark.

Mundbind NL comes with a monster load of diacritics (including Vietnamese) and two alternate glyphs for the lower case letters that will cycle as you type.

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Mundbind NL Italic  |  View All 494 Glyphs

Mundbind NL Italic

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Mundbind NL Regular

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Mundbind NL

Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

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