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Mela Pro

Font Family by Resistenza

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Mela Pro was created with a pointed brush and walnut ink using thick brushstrokes. The original idea was to make a kind of urban graffitti with a fat brush, but the final result is more refined and elegant. Something new - light and bold together. The letters are a little bit slanted using sharp strokes, the brush gives the illusion of a fat-tipped marker. This handmade typeface has a lot of contrast, it brings together the beauty of the calligraphic shapes and strokes with the esthetics of a modern urban style. It creates a carefree feeling, contemporary, adding a perfect modern touch to your work. The possibilities for customized layouts are limitless, using the opentype ligatures and alternates to you make Mela your own. Mela Pro contains 473 glyphs: alternates, ligatures, icons, ornaments, and much more. It is perfect for headlines and short texts. Use it for magazines, packaging, advertising, branding, posters, editorials, TV, movies and websites to give to your projects the unmistakable human touch of beautiful handwritten letters.

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Mela Pro

Font Style by Resistenza

1 Font Style from $45

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