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Fudge Sauce

Font Family by Jess Latham

Includes 2 Font Styles from $45

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Fudge Sauce is a fun font duo by Jess Latham!

Fudge Sauce (Script) contains the following opentype goodness:

Contextual Alternates

Let's start with the starting and ending lowercase letters! Sentences with only lowercase typically need some oomph. The starting lowercase letters add impact and balance. Lastly, the lowercase endings finish words off nicely.

The lowercase L gets an entry stroke where needed to add balance.


Swashes can be turned on and you shouldn't have to worry about collisions. If in a rare situation you get a swash that doesn't play well with others, just highlight it and turn off swash for that character. You can also just drop in swashes manually.


Ligatures will add variation with some common double letter combinations. Turn on Ligatures and swashes and the double lowercase t will come alive!


There are alternates that can be manually selected from the glyphs palette. Highlight a letter and check to see if there are any alternates that can be applied.

Stylistic Alternates

With stylistic alternates on, you get a traditional double story uppercase and lowercase Z.


There's a few brushy swoops. These need to be placed manually in a graphics program.

Fudge Sauce Caps is an all caps font with basic ligatures in opentype.

Language support is broad for both fonts and extends to the Central European market. Fudge Sauce contains 792 characters and Fudge Sauce Caps contains 366 characters.

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2 Fonts Included

Fudge Sauce Script  |  View All 785 Glyphs

Fudge Sauce Script

Fudge Sauce Caps  |  View All 367 Glyphs

Fudge Sauce Caps

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Fudge Sauce

Font Family by Jess Latham

2 Font Styles from $45

Buy Now