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Font Family by Grype

Includes 6 Font Styles from $60

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Geometric/Technical style logotypes have been developed for car chrome labels since the early 1980's. The styles are loaded with inspiration for great font families, but surprisingly, many of these sleek logotypes are lacking an expansive family to enhance and express their brand in a richer sense, becoming true brand workhorses. The Aspire family finds its origin of inspiration in the ACURA automotive company logo, and from there expands to an 6 font family of weights & oblique styles.

Aspire pays homage the techno display styling of the inspiration logotype, further evolving beyond its brand inspired origin to give birth to a font family that pulls on modern and historical styles. It adopts a sturdy yet approachable style with its uniform stroke forms and curves, and goes on to include a lowercase, numerals, and a comprehensive range of weights, creating a straightforward, uncompromising collection of typefaces that lend a solid foundation and a broad range of expression for designers.

477 glyphs per style - including Capitals, Lowercase, Numerals, Punctuation and an extensive character set that covers multilingual support of latin based languages. (see the 6th graphic for a preview of the characters included)

Stylistic Alternates - alternate characters that remove the angled stencil cuts for a more standardized text look. 3 weights in the family: Light, Regular, & Black.

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6 Fonts Included

Aspire Oblique  |  View All 480 Glyphs

Aspire Oblique

from $18

Aspire Light Oblique  |  View All 480 Glyphs

Aspire Light Oblique

from $18

Aspire Light  |  View All 477 Glyphs

Aspire Light

from $18

Aspire Regular  |  View All 477 Glyphs

Aspire Regular

from $18

Aspire Black Oblique  |  View All 480 Glyphs

Aspire Black Oblique

from $18

Aspire Black  |  View All 477 Glyphs

Aspire Black

from $18

Save 44% ($48) when you buy the full family!

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Font Family by Grype

6 Font Styles from $60

Buy Now