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Obliterate is a self destructing sans-serif typeface created from old rub off typography sheets brought back from the brink of becoming landfill fodder. It contains four sets of capitals and one alternate set of numerals for a randomized look.

633 glyphs - including Capitals, Alternate Capitals (in lowercase slots), Numerals, Punctuation, two additional alternate Capitals sets and an extensive character set that covers multilingual support of latin based languages. (see the last graphic for a preview of the characters included)

Ligatures Feature that auto-switches between Capitals & three other alternate Capitals glyphsets, as well as Numerals and Alternate Numerals for visual randomness. The ligatures feature will be automatically enabled for most with opentype compatibility, otherwise you can access the alternate glyphs via a Glyphs panel. (try typing below to watch it alternate between sets)

Here's why Obliterate is for you:
- You're into legible but distressed typestyles that imitate a random looking distress to it
- You're a fan of the band Inner Circle, whom the font was originally a tribute to
- You're a fan of old Letraset/Transfertype rub off lettering
- You're designing a modern horror movie poster and want a typeface with some tooth to it
- You just like to collect quality fonts to add to your design arsenal

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1 Font Style from $16

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