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Font Family by Wiescher Design

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Antea is named after ?Antaeus? the giant of Libya in Greek mythology, son of Poseidon and Gaia (mother earth), whose wife was Tinjis. He was extremely strong if he stayed in contact with the earth, but once lifted into the air he became weak and liquid.

So is this font, strong if grounded and weak if floating in the air. I will in due course add different weights for different purposes.

Your designer of very mysterious fonts, Gert Wiescher

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2 Fonts Included

Antea Thin  |  View All 237 Glyphs

Antea Thin

from $39.50

Antea Bold  |  View All 236 Glyphs

Antea Bold

from $39.50

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Font Family by Wiescher Design

2 Font Styles from $75.06

Buy Now