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Some time ago I bought my smallest book ever: Kate Greenaway's Alphabet* 57 x 72 mm. I thought it was the sweetest little book I had ever seen. Not knowing about the fame of the designer Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) I put it in some dark drawer and looked at it from time to time.

Kate's books were all outstanding successes in English publishing history, she was an icon of the Victorian era. Some of those books are still being reprinted today. This little gem I had accidentially acquired has become very rare and I have not found any reprints yet.

So I thought maybe I can manage to adapt her drawings for use on todays computers. I ventured to redraw her delicate illustrations blowing them up 300 percent, being forced to simplify them without loosing her touch. It took quite some time! While redrawing them I discovered that she most certainly drew them in at least three different sessions as well.

Then I scanned my drawings and put them in a font. To make the font more usable, I added the ten numerals in Kate's style, the original does not have those. I hope she would have liked my adaptions.

Yours in a very preserving mood Gert Wiescher.

* Kate Greenaways Alphabet, edited by George Rutledge & Sons, London and New York, sometime in the late 1800's.

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Kate Greenaway's Alphabet

Font Style by Wiescher Design

1 Font Style from $49.50

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