Y2K Pop Muzik Font Family by Astigmatic One Eye

Y2K Pop Muzik
Y2K Pop Muzik

About: The Y2K PopMuzik Family was created as a tribute to Patricia Lillie's Poptics font sets, a wonderful grouping of funky offbeat typeface that are alot of fuel for inspiration. It was also created just in time for a Y2K font contest, thus the Y2K tag. In the end, the font lost because it wasn't seen a very Y2K, as the Y2K ideal seemed techno. It still ranked well for a non Y2K font, as a popular choice anyways. Even getting some comments from Creative Pro/Extensis' Mark Neiman Ross, "My second favorite is Popmuzik. It's a usable headline, and can work for small bursts of body copy. It bounces, but it's still legible." Get with the PopMuzik stylings today!

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