Raniscript Font by Stephen Rapp

Raniscript Raniscript Raniscript Raniscript Raniscript

About: Raniscript started out as an idea for a bold and strongly structured ronde style script with some contemporary touches.. As I tinkered with various forms it took on a life of its own. Having an old world feel, it makes me visualize faded shop signs from India written in English. The name comes from a series of colorful vintage matchbook designs advertising the Flying Rani. You'll find Raniscript ideal for packaging, book titles, brochures or anything requiring a robust display treatment. It comes fully loaded for OpenType savvy applications. Three full sets of caps are included. By clicking the Titling button in Illustrator you can type using an all caps set that includes ligatures, case sensitive punctuation and language coverage. Other features include oldstyle figures, Central European language support, fractions, contextual letter substitution, swash characters, and ornaments.

Tags: Casual Script, Font, Historical

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