Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype introduced by its founders Allan and Beatrice Friedman was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s) and it used 2-inch filmstrips with over 500 amazing display alphabets so the user could set headlines on photo paper or film. Filmotype eventually went on to become Alphatype until the Mac came along in 1984 and POOF! No more photo typesetting!

In 2006, the Font Diner acquired this amazing photo film alphabet collection and continues to digitize and releasing these wonderful gems of 1950s lettering as digital fonts!

To learn more about the history of this amazing company, a companion book was written and released in 2009.


Filmotype Andrew
Filmotype Kinzie
Filmotype Maxwell
Filmotype Liberty
Filmotype Jupiter
Filmotype Arthur
Filmotype Ace
Filmotype Harvard
Filmotype Wand
Filmotype Hudson Bundle
Filmotype Hudson
Filmotype York
Filmotype Athens
Filmotype Western
Filmotype Hickory
Filmotype Homer
Filmotype Leader
Filmotype Mellow
Filmotype Melon
Filmotype Melody
Filmotype Hemlock
Filmotype Orlando
Filmotype Parade Condensed
Filmotype Parade Bold
Filmotype Parade Condensed Bold
Filmotype Parade
Filmotype Kellog
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