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Uncial Antiqua Pro

Font Family by Stiggy & Sands

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Our Uncial Antiqua Pro is a hybrid typeface which combines the speedier penned styles of Uncial and Half Uncial letterforms together in a formal text representation. Signature letterforms to the Uncial & Half Uncial styles are not sacrificed in this compilation, yet readability is surprisingly maintained when read in context. The SmallCaps and extensive figure sets only further expand the range of usability and appeal.

Opentype features include:

- SmallCaps.

- Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.

- Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle figure sets (along with SmallCaps versions of the figures).

- Stylistic Alternates for Caps to SmallCaps conversion.

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Uncial Antiqua Pro

Font Style by Stiggy & Sands

1 Font Style from $29

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