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A Trollkatt in Norwegian myth, is the cat associated with witches. The last few days a stray ginger cat seems to have adopted us - she comes into the house, lies down on the carpet and loves the cat food we bought her. We have posted some ?found a cat? messages online and hung op some flyers - just in case someone is missing a cat.

Because of the stray, I decided that I should name this font something cattish, so Trollkatt is what popped up. The font is quite nice; I made it with my Chinese ink and a brush, from which I cut most of the hairs.

This font won't catch mice, but it will put some magic into your designs! And the stray cat . . . well, if she isn't chipped and no one comes to fetch her, we will keep her. #happyending

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Trollkatt Italic  |  View All 487 Glyphs

Trollkatt Italic

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Trollkatt Regular  |  View All 487 Glyphs

Trollkatt Regular

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Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

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