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Traftoon is a set of three fonts that look like neat, slightly sloped hand lettering done with a brush and ink. Casual but not child-like, with full upper and lowercase, Traftoon offers an attractive and flexible alternative to many similar fonts such as Balloon and Comic Sans.

Traftoon was inspired by Howard Trafton's Cartoon Light and Cartoon Bold of 1936. The Light has not been previously digitized and neither included lowercase originally. In creating these, I maintained the quirks of the originals that give the fonts a convincing hand-lettered appearance. The three weights of Traftoon give even more flexibility for headlines, captions or text.

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3 Fonts Included

Traftoon Bold  |  View All 201 Glyphs

Traftoon Bold

from $19.95

Traftoon Medium  |  View All 200 Glyphs

Traftoon Medium

from $19.95

Traftoon Light  |  View All 200 Glyphs

Traftoon Light

from $19.95

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Font Family by Harold's Fonts

3 Font Styles from $39.95

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