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It's here, it's new and it's bamboo.

Not to be mistaken for the lush magic of the actual tropical rain forest, Tiki evokes more of a feeling of an Oriental Trading Co. tacky Hawaiian party or the ambiance of your weird friend's father's basement ?Tiki? bar, resplendent with bamboo furniture from Sears, photos of scantily clad Tahitian beauties, polyester grass mats and bobble head Hula dolls.

Tiki comes as a family of two fonts, the basic outlined version and a solid version, which may be used separately or combined to produce multi-colored effects.

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2 Fonts Included

Tiki Regular  |  View All 213 Glyphs

Tiki Regular

Tiki Solid  |  View All 216 Glyphs

Tiki Solid

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Font Family by Pelavin Fonts

2 Font Styles from $25

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