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After a lot of time sitting at my desk, creating fonts and trying to figure out how my new software works, I really like to work out a bit. The only thing that I do not like is the music they play at the gym; it is usually a selection of poppy tunes that appeals to a large audience. But not to me. I prefer my death metal - and eighties music, as it brings back a lot of good memories. So, I bought myself some ear buds and installed a music streaming app on my phone. Yes, I know, I am probably the last person on earth who discovered streaming . . .

One day, during a workout session, I listened to a list of eighties music and one song that I had forgotten about started playing: Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang.

When I started working on the font, I had to think about the song and named it Square Beat.

Square Beat font, other than the name implies, is a rounded, handmade font, ideally suited for books and magazines aimed at a young audience, toy packaging or posters. It comes with great language support, including Vietnamese.

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2 Fonts Included

Square Beat Italic  |  View All 531 Glyphs

Square Beat Italic

from $15

Square Beat Regular  |  View All 531 Glyphs

Square Beat Regular

from $15

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Square Beat

Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

Buy Now