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Mussica Italic

Font Family by Corradine Fonts

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In 2009, Corradine Fonts released one of its most successful projects: Mussica, an experimental and hybrid typeface that explore the exaggeration of ascenders and descenders in a high contrast style. Now, around eight years later, we are proud to introduce Mussica Italic, which surpass the original version in quality and quantity of ornamental possibilities while try to maintain its proportions and looking. Mussica Italic is programmed to obtain a smart replacement of swashes, endings and ligatures using the Open Type features, but you can also explore manually its wide range of alternatives to get the best graphic result according to your requirements.

Mussica Italic supports most of Western and Central European languages.

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Mussica Italic

Font Style by Corradine Fonts

1 Font Style from $35

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