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Tierra Script

Font Family by Corradine Fonts

Includes 5 Font Styles from $50

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Tierra Script is a connected script typeface with a simple structure and organic contour. Its naivety and fluency makes it easy to read and close to everyone.

The system has two main styles, one more formal than the other, then could be used in a wide diversity of designs applying the appropriate look. Also has other features, like swashes, alternative characters and contextual replacements. All that features are supported by a careful Open Type programmation, then is just needed to play a little with the font to obtain lovely words and phrases. Some features are present in all the fonts but the "Plus" version contains all of them.

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5 Fonts Included

Tierra Script Plus  |  View All 1,130 Glyphs

Tierra Script Plus

from $35

Tierra Script Swash  |  View All 447 Glyphs

Tierra Script Swash

from $15

Tierra Script Swalt  |  View All 513 Glyphs

Tierra Script Swalt

from $15

Tierra Script Regular  |  View All 435 Glyphs

Tierra Script Regular

from $15

Tierra Script Salt  |  View All 511 Glyphs

Tierra Script Salt

from $15

Save 47% ($45) when you buy the full family!

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Tierra Script

Font Family by Corradine Fonts

5 Font Styles from $50

Buy Now