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Madison Street is a new font family from Studioways! We have teamed up with Spencerian calligrapher Elaina DeBoard to create this classic pointed pen calligraphy font, as well as some ornaments and companion text fonts, based on Elaina's own printing style.

Madison Street Pro, with its elegant stylistic swashes, has all the OpenType bells and whistles. The Ligature feature automatically substitutes beginning and ending letterforms, as well as 100 ligatures. Turn on the Swash feature for elegantly sweeping swash lowercase forms. Enable Stylistic Alternates for even more letter variations. There are also ten Style Sets to chose from. And many more OT features!

Madison Street Regular and Swash are toned-down versions of Madison Street Pro, for those of you that do not use OpenType savvy applications. These two fonts are designed to allow you to manually create some of the beauty of the Pro version. In Madison Street Swash, we've replaced much of the lowercase with swash forms. Because some of those are ending forms, the Swash font is not really usable by itself, and so even though it is for sale by itself, we also offer the two of them in a special discounted font pack.

Madison Street Ornaments was created as a companion for any of the other fonts in the Madison Street Family. In addition to the floral and decorative fleurons, the font also contains pre-composed salutations, Mr, Mrs, Ms, and Miss, Jr, and a couple of swash "and". There is also a set of single letter monograms, A-Z, within a decorative frame. All of the ornaments are weighted to work perfectly with the Madison Street fonts, and can be combined to create distinctive placecards, invitations, and much more! The font package contains a Character Map so finding the ornaments is easy.

The three Madison Street Text Fonts are each based on Elaina DeBoard's printing styles, and each pairs nicely with the Spencerian typefaces, when set at 1/3 point sizes. Madison Street Script is a non-connecting, hand drawn italic script, with plenty of casual and friendly shapes! There are a handful of ligatures and initial and final glyph forms to help alleviate those more difficult letter combinations. Madison Street Sans and Madison Street Serif are also casual text styles. The Sans features small caps instead of a traditional lowercase. All three of the text fonts work great for invitations, place cards, and similar annoucement material.

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7 Fonts Included

Madison Street Serif  |  View All 375 Glyphs

Madison Street Serif

from $29

Madison Street Sans  |  View All 371 Glyphs

Madison Street Sans

from $29

Madison Street Script  |  View All 507 Glyphs

Madison Street Script

from $29

Madison Street Ornaments  |  View All 102 Glyphs

Madison Street Ornaments

from $20

Madison Street Swash  |  View All 461 Glyphs

Madison Street Swash

from $29

Madison Street Regular  |  View All 495 Glyphs

Madison Street Regular

from $29

Madison Street Pro  |  View All 1,203 Glyphs

Madison Street Pro

from $40

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Madison Street

Font Family by Studioways

7 Font Styles from $234

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