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Lady Slippers

Font Family by Studioways

Includes 4 Font Styles from $80

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We are proud to introduce Lady Slippers, a delicate and beautiful typeface resembling one of Eliza's calligraphic styles! The full blown version of Lady Slippers includes many OpenType bells and whistles like, swashes, ligatures, discretionary ligatures and stylistic alternates. Enabling those features makes it possible to create beautiful and seemingly hand-written calligraphy designs.

The family includes 3 toned down versions and they are Lady Slippers Basic, Lady Slippers Loops, and Lady Slippers Align. Each one still a beautiful and delicate handwritten script typeface, these versions are meant for users who don't require all of OpenType goodies. In Lady Slippers Loops, Eliza has redrawn the asenders and descenders with gorgeous wide open loops. And in Lady Slippers Align we've redrawn the lowercase to align on the baseline, giving the typeface a more traditional calligraphic appeal. Each of these fonts support some basic OT features, like fractions, superiors, and ordinals.

Finally, to round out the family, we offer Lady Slippers Ornaments. We created a key map (look for the PDF) so finding the ornaments is made easy. All glyphs are accessible from any standard keyboard.

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4 Fonts Included

Lady Slippers Align  |  View All 405 Glyphs

Lady Slippers Align

from $29

Lady Slippers Ornaments  |  View All 75 Glyphs

Lady Slippers Ornaments

from $20

Lady Slippers Loops  |  View All 404 Glyphs

Lady Slippers Loops

from $29

Lady Slippers Basic  |  View All 403 Glyphs

Lady Slippers Basic

from $29

Save 25% ($27) when you buy the full family!

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Lady Slippers

Font Family by Studioways

4 Font Styles from $80

Buy Now