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Font Family by Emily Spadoni

Includes 7 Font Styles from $14

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Meet Fashionista! Contemporary and clean hand-lettered calligraphy style script. This mix of modern and classic writing is soon to be your favorite for weddings, stationary, logos and more!

  • 9 Lower-case styles
  • Additional Common Letter Combinations
  • Multi-lingual Glyphs
  • International and Special Punctuation

With hundreds of alternate letters, everything you create will be completely unique. And it's so much fun to create your own hand-lettered text styles. The combinations of sweet swirly letters are endless.

It's super easy to use. Just highlight the letter you want to change and choose from the alternate file of choice. Don't have and alternate glyphs panel? No problem. I've added all the additional characters into alternate files to easily access all the x-tras on the keyboard. I even included a map!

Helpful Documents

Annabella Alternate Map

Test Drive

Font Style

Font Size60px

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7 Fonts Included

Fashionista Regular  |  View All 271 Glyphs

Fashionista Regular

Fashionista Right 2  |  View All 249 Glyphs

Fashionista Right 2

Fashionista Right 1  |  View All 249 Glyphs

Fashionista Right 1

Fashionista Left 2  |  View All 249 Glyphs

Fashionista Left 2

Fashionista Left 1  |  View All 250 Glyphs

Fashionista Left 1

Fashionista Combo 2  |  View All 125 Glyphs

Fashionista Combo 2

Fashionista Combo 1  |  View All 126 Glyphs

Fashionista Combo 1

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Font Family by Emily Spadoni

7 Font Styles from $14

Buy Now