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Font Family by Positype

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Delphi grew from a logotype Lily Feinberg produced using Greek-column-inspired letterforms. As that concept expanded to include more and more letters, the typeface had its beginnings. Intertwined, kinetic, and deliberate, Delphi carves itself onto the page and screen, encouraging variation and experimentation. The letterforms? unique construction and predispostion for experimentation inspired two varying sets: Delphi Dio, comprised of two-line strokes, and Delphi Tria, built of both 2- and 3-line strokes.

With a design as elaborate, yet tightly tuned as this, the desire to add more and more was irresistible?you'll see a number of stylistic, swash, and titling alternates (and even more hidden away in further stylistic sets). Because Dio and Tria could only hold so much, alternate cuts were produced to better organize your options: the Delphi Alt fonts feature certain letter styles and stylistic alternate sets distinct from those in Delphi.

Delphi's sophisticated, striking letterforms make it an ideal display face for use at large sizes, and with so many unique details and alternate letterforms, it's simply fun to use.

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4 Fonts Included

Delphi Alt Tria  |  View All 406 Glyphs

Delphi Alt Tria

from $22

Delphi Alt Dio  |  View All 406 Glyphs

Delphi Alt Dio

from $22

Delphi Tria  |  View All 445 Glyphs

Delphi Tria

from $22

Delphi Dio  |  View All 444 Glyphs

Delphi Dio

from $22

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Font Family by Positype

4 Font Styles from $69

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