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Love Script

Font Family by Positype

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Love Script came about as a way to finally answer the requests by individuals to take my brush pen/marker lettering styles and turn them into a typeface. Literally, everything lined up perfectly and there was a renewed impetus to push this genre, this style of lettering I have adapted over the years into what will become a series of brush pen/marker typefaces. The first I chose to complete was a high-contrast variant? I seem to be attracted to high contrast, high energy letters (think Lust, Lust Slim and Lust Script). As I was finalizing everything, I kept saying ?I love this script?, which ultimately led the christening of the typeface as Love Script.

For more fun, visit the Love Script Minisite

Designer's note: for this font to truly sing, be sure you have Contextual Alternates on in your OpenType settings. Hope you love it as much as I do.

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Love Script

Font Style by Positype

1 Font Style from $55

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