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Cumbre is a slanted display type with unorthodox anatomy, a dynamic rhythmic structure, movement expression, and intense visual language. An eccentric rebel with ribbon-like moves, a balanced extrovert that makes meticulous use of ink traps.

Both the name and design got inspiration from mountain peaks. "Cumbre" in Spanish means summit, and that's the motive for the spiked design and the angular serrated structure. Cumbre is built by balancing sharp angles and venturous curves. The stems are spiky, and they vary in width. Cumbre is oblique and unicase. It has condensed proportions, moderate weight contrast, spacious counters, pointy terminals, and square ink traps.

Cumbre is meant for large display settings to make the most out of the precise outlines and the clean intersections.

OpenType features in Cumbre include Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Set #1, Stylistic Set #2, Fractions, Sub- and Superscript, Standard and Discretionary Ligatures and more. The font styles: 'Sharp' has straight paths and precise intersections. 'Round' has the same kind of outlines but with round corners. 'Stamp' has irregular wavy contours and heavy swelling at intersections.

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3 Fonts Included

Cumbre Stamp Regular  |  View All 823 Glyphs

Cumbre Stamp Regular

from $22

Cumbre Round Regular  |  View All 695 Glyphs

Cumbre Round Regular

from $22

Cumbre Sharp Regular  |  View All 695 Glyphs

Cumbre Sharp Regular

from $22

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Font Family by Antipixel

3 Font Styles from $62

Buy Now