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Font Family by Tarallo Design

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Binario is a simple and friendly font with three weights and matching italics (obliques). It is an excellent choice for giving a clean, unique, and modern look to headlines or body text. Use it for branding, menus, posters, magazines, and screen-based design.

All three font weights are versatile and easy to read at any size. It is simple to create organized content because each weight is distinct. The light weight is an excellent body text with generous interior space. The regular weight is a confident body or heading text. The bold weight is superb for impactful headlines. The glyphs are made with tightly rounded forms. This makes reading easy on screens or prints that are low resolution.

Binario supports all Western European languages and comes with 265 glyphs. It offers OpenType features, such as standard ligatures (fl and fi) and a discretionary ligature for LL (useful for Italian and Spanish). Several symbols are also included; train, pointing finger, arrow right, flowers, plus in circle, minus in circle, right-facing arrow head in circle, and a sound recording copyright.

Looking closely at the letters you will see many characteristics that make this font unique. For example, it has a simple one-story a, the tail of the Q is a flat horizontal stroke, the J has a stroke at the top of the stem to prevent irregular letterspacing, the

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6 Fonts Included

Binario Regular  |  View All 259 Glyphs

Binario Regular

from $14.99

Binario Bold Oblique  |  View All 265 Glyphs

Binario Bold Oblique

from $14.99

Binario Bold  |  View All 258 Glyphs

Binario Bold

from $14.99

Binario Light Oblique  |  View All 258 Glyphs

Binario Light Oblique

from $14.99

Binario Light  |  View All 258 Glyphs

Binario Light

from $14.99

Binario Regular Oblique  |  View All 259 Glyphs

Binario Regular Oblique

from $14.99

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Font Family by Tarallo Design

6 Font Styles from $39.99

Buy Now