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Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd
Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd Ukiyo MInd

About: By chance I stumbled upon an unfinished font in my fonts folder (while looking for something else). It had a stupid working name, but when I opened it, the font looked really nice! I have no idea why I never finished it. I renamed it Ukiyo Mind, because the font looked a bit like Japanese brush strokes.
Ukiyo is a Japanese term which roughly translates as ‘the fleeting/transient world’. In mediaval Japan, the word was associated with Buddhism, but later it was used to describe the urban lifestyle and the pleasure seeking aspects of it. Nowadays it refers to a ‘living in the moment’ state of mind.

Ukiyo Mind is a really nice brush font, which I probably made using Chinese ink and a brush. It comes with extensive language support and a set of alternates for the lower case glyphs.

Tags: Hand Made, Handwritten, Ink, Messy, Quirky, album artwork, book, book cover, brush, brushed, drawing, free flowing, hand drawn, inked, japan, jumpy, legible, lively, multilingual, no baseline, scary, ukiyo

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