Sausauge Jubilee Font by Neapolitan

Sausauge Jubilee Sausauge Jubilee Sausauge Jubilee
Sausauge Jubilee Sausauge Jubilee Sausauge Jubilee

About: Plump, juicy and ready to serve in seconds; that's Sausage Jubilee! We've cooked up a fully-packed set of savory glyphs to make a tempting typographic treat. And we know how you love your links, so we've included the web font as well! Get Sausage Jubilee fresh off the skillet today from Neapolitan. Sausage Jubilee includes a full international and multilingual support and a very large set of alternate contextual characters and built-in ligatures to allow flawless typesetting in dynamic OpenType format.

Tags: Fat, Font, Fun, Sans Serif, Wacky, heavy

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