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Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love
Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love Modern Love

About: Breaking from our catalog of typefaces to create a new handwritten font family, Modern Love was born out of our desire to see what would happen if we took a step back from the norm. We weren’t looking for the perfection of the many calligraphy techniques, but more of a natural way of writing with the same tools. Our escapist experiment into casual lettering culminated into 4 fonts: Modern Love Regular, Grunge, Rough and Caps.

Modern Love Regular is a hand-painted script, each glyph individually designed with a pointed brush and walnut ink. The aim was to create an effortless hand-drawn feel while keeping the contrast high density.

Playful, yet polished, this font works very well when accentuated with the family’s two distinctive styles: Modern Love Grunge, simulating a washed-out effect, perfect to add a vintage look to your projects; and Modern Love Rough, with its crunchy borders, makes letters visibly rough-around-the edges and gives large letters an unmistakeable pop. All three fonts include a hand-painted set of ornaments, swashes and alternates to limitlessly customize and decorate your texts, accessible through Opentype features.

Modern Love Caps is the fourth font, a handwritten Sans Serif that ties the family together with its simplicity and readability. Designed with a pointed nib and Indian ink, this font boasts a different style that perfectly complements Modern Love Regular, Grunge and Rough.

The result is a fresh font family perfect to create headlines, posters, DIY hand-lettered artwork, books, holiday cards, wrapping paper, invitations, T-shirts, labels, packaging for cosmetics, fashion supplies, food products, artisanal goods, and an endless array of options for your projects. Modern Love . . . when brush meets passion.

Tags: App, Bold, Brush Lettering, Brush Script, Calligraphy, Casual, Celebration, Christmas, Contemporary, Contrast, Cute, DIY, Dynamic, Expressive, Fancy, Fashion, Feminine, Food, Fresh, Fun, Girly, Goodies, Grunge, Hand-Drawn, Handmade, Handwritten, Headline, Hipster, Holiday, Ink, Kids, Mixed Family, Modern, Old-Fashioned, Organic, Painted, Poster, Retro, Romantic, Rustic, Script, Signature, Slanted, Swash, Urban, Wild, Xmas, adorable, adventure, advertising, agile, alive, all caps, alternates, animation, announcement, artistic, attractive, bakery, beautiful, beauty, billboards, bio, birthday, boho, bounce, brand, branding, brush, brush calligraphy, brush drawn, brush font, calligraphic, candy, card, careful, celebrate, celebrate life, coffee, collection, color, colourful, commercial, contrasted, cook, cooking, cupcake, decorative, delicious, display, e-book, easy, editorial, educational, effortless, elegant, family, film, flavour, flyer, friendly, gourmet, greeting cards, hadwritting, hand lettering, handsome, home, informal, inspirational, invitation, j&z, juicy, label, life, lively, magazine, market, menu, music, natural, newborn, opentype, ornaments, packaging, party, playful, publishing, recipe, resort, restaurant, rough, save the date, soft, spa, summer, sweet, tales, tourism, travel, valentine, versatile, vital, want, wedding, words

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