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MFC Ambeau Monograms
MFC Ambeau Monograms MFC Ambeau Monograms MFC Ambeau Monograms

About: The source of inspiration for MFC Ambeau Monogram is a letter set from the book, Art Alphabets and Lettering by J.M. Bergling, published in 1914. This elegant historical style was simply dubbed, “the American Beauty”.

MFC Ambeau Monogram can create one, two, or three letter monograms as well as basic headline and titling settings. By default, Ambeau Monogram types in a horizontal format, but by utilizing OpenType Stylistic Alternates, you can typeset in a three smallcap or smallcap/Capitals/smallcap diagonal format as well! It is a refined look that is perfect for a wide array of classic personalization settings. A PDF guidebook for MFC Ambeau Monogram is included in the font package.

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