Metallophile Sp8 Light Font by Mark Simonson Studio

Metallophile Sp8 Light
Metallophile Sp8 Light Metallophile Sp8 Light Metallophile Sp8 Light Metallophile Sp8 Light Metallophile Sp8 Light

About: A faithful facsimile of an 8-point sans serif typeface as set on a 1940s-vintage hot metal typesetting machine. Hot metal faces were designed for specific point sizes, while modern digital faces take a one-font-for-all-sizes approach. Metallophile Sp 8 captures some of the characteristic warmth of hot metal, which is particularly refreshing in such a seemingly geometric design.

Tags: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Distressed, Font, Retro, Sans Serif

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