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Fleur Fleur Fleur Fleur Fleur
Fleur Fleur Fleur Fleur Fleur

About: ''La vie est une fleur dont l'amour est le miel''

Fleur is the french for flower and I've chosen this language for a good reason.

Over the past 5 years, I've had the opportunity to travel a lot to Paris and I've always tried to to catch every moment, and detail of this delightful city through the eyes of the designer inside me.

Paris is full of surprises mainly for us, artists. In fact, I believe the city is a museum itself. Every corner of any street has something inspiring.

But, there's something I particularly love and I want to address here: The ''Palais Garnier''. Built between 1861 and 1875, this opera house is a dream made true for many of us, who love ''somptuositÈ''. Garnier, the architect of this magnificient building, said that the style he proposed was not Grecian nor Roman/baroque, he created something new and called it "Napoleonic": Luxurious at its best.

Fleur is inspired in this palace which, in fact, has some similar letters inside. Garnier put his name at the ceiling of the ''Rotonde des AbonnÈs'': Letters are interlacing each other with nicely done ''art nouveau'' curves. I thought I could take this idea and achieve something very delicate and imposing at the same time if the font consisted entirely of caps with the logic of a didone and a bit of art-nouveau.

This mix of elegance and flamboyance gave birth to Fleur which has a wide range of uses but was mainly intended for perfumes, fashion magazines, storefronts, book covers or logos.

Not only you'll find many decorative glyphs, but also a vast amount of unique ligatures will make you really adore this font. Get Fleur and ''profite de la vie''.


As suggested above, the font has many open-type coded alternates and a vast amount of unique ligatures. Install the font in applications that support them, like Adobe Illustrator of Photoshop.

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