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Collector Comic
Collector Comic Collector Comic Collector Comic Collector Comic

About: Collector Comic is a carefully researched and crafted family of comic ballooning fonts. It employs two different sets of letters, one based on old school Silver Age (1956 - 1970) and Bronze Age (1971 - 1986) comic books in the uppercase positions, and one with a more temporary Modern Age (1986 and on) spin in the lowercase positions. The brilliant work of comic lettering masters Sam Rosen and Artie Simek was a great influence on Collector Comic. Although the emphasis was on making these fonts work in comic book and graphic novel balloons, they do indeed perform just as nicely in display. No loose points or jaggies here. Make these letters as large as you want and they will not let you down.

Tags: 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, Font, Fun, Groovy, Handwritten, New Wave, Sans Serif, Wacky

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