Calligraphia Latina Square Edition Font Family by Intellecta Design

Calligraphia Latina Square Edition Calligraphia Latina Square Edition
Calligraphia Latina Square Edition Calligraphia Latina Square Edition

About: One of the most successful ornament fonts is Calligraphia Latina. It is part of a trend that's been quite popular lately: messed-up calligraphy. Calligraphia Latina is a worldwide best-seller from Intellecta Design . . . besides the original Calligraphia Latina, its family of fonts (13 different sets) represents a complete solution of intricate fleurons and ornaments to use with several styles of artworks.

Tags: 1930s, 1970s, 1980s, Art, Copperplate, Cute, Expressive, Fancy, Flair, Fluid, Food, Formal, Headline, Ink, Italian, Ligatures, Nature, Ornate, Pen, Poster, Swash, Swirls, Swirly, alternates, ancient, arabesques, artistic, artsy, brushdrawn, bubble, candy, card, certificate, commercial, cool, correspondence, cosmetics, crafts, dainty, decorative, diploma, disconnected, display, embellishment, english, european, fairytale, fanciful, fashionable, festive, flourished, flourishing, fountainpen, freestyle, funny, gift, graceful, greetings, handletter, handwriting, immediate, individual, invite, jewelry, label, letter, lettering, lively, loop, magic, masthead, memorabilia, memos, movie, notebook, notes, ornamental, perfume, personable, poetry, regal, renaissance, royal, scrap, scrapbook, scrollwork, soft, sophisticated, swashes, vintage, wine, writing

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