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Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice
Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice Best Choice

About: Best Choice is a family of next-generation monospaced fonts for developing, programming, coding, and table layout.

Some desirable features in monospaced fonts are listed below.

1.Easy to distinguish

2.Easy to identify

3.Easy to read

Best Choice has very distinguishing letterforms for confusable letters such as Zero&Oh, One&I, and Two&Z. A lot of ingenuity makes this family very distinguishable. Italics have a very large inclination angle to be distinguished from their Roman. For the same reason, Italics are slightly lighter than Romans.

Italic is not cursive Italic. It is near the slanted Roman.

This is an intentional design to identify Italic letters.

Cursive is not suitable for programming font.

Very clean and natural letterform is good for reading.

Common curvature for tails and hooks makes harmony and a sense of unity.

Best Choice supports almost all Latin including Vietnamese and Cyrillic.

Try this all-new experiment.

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