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Berkmire AOE
Berkmire AOE Berkmire AOE Berkmire AOE Berkmire AOE Berkmire AOE

About: 1970’s Techno-typography finds its rebirth in Berkmire AOE.

From its beefy weight to its narrow and sometimes unusual counter cuts, Berkmire AOE started as a digitization of a film typeface called Belden by LetterGraphics. This bulky techno typeface was taken from its limited character set and fleshed out to include an expanded language glyph set. The Capital letterforms seem to push the edge of readability, while the lowercase falls more in line.

The letterforms of Berkmire AOE are easy to convert to paths and extend various stems, making this revival something you can really let your imagination run wild with for your designs.

Tags: 1970s, Font, Funky, Futuristic

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