Avionic Wide Font Family by Grype

Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide
Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide Avionic Wide

About: The aviation world contains loads of stylish logotypes, from handwritten scripts to geometric styles and so on. The Avionic Condensed family of 10 fonts finds its origins of inspiration in the Air China company logotype, and from there has been expanded upon to create a large stylistic family of 40 fonts. This is the Avionic Extra Wide Family.

Avionic celebrates the geometric sans serif styling of the original logotype, evolving beyond the condensed all capital set logo to include a lowercase designed in parity with the original design style, as well as many weights and widths to offer a fresh diversity. Each subfamily includes a full standard character set with expansive international support of latin based languages, and 5 weights jumping from book to black, along with 5 accompanying obliques. This family is ready to chart a course for your design destination, whatever it may be.

Here's what's included with the Avionic Extra Wide Family bundle:

• 370 glyphs per style - including Capitals, Lowercase, Numerals, Punctuation and an extensive character set that covers multilingual support of latin based languages.

• 5 weights in each subfamily: Book, Regular, Bold, Heavy, & Black.

• Accompanying Obliques with each weight/width style.

• Fonts are provided in TTF & OTF formats. The TTF format is the standard go to for most users, although the OTF and TTF function exactly the same.

Here's why the Avionic Extra Wide Family is for you:

• You're in need of a dynamic geometric font with a variety of weights and widths for your designs

• You're an aviation junkie and have to have anything inspired by Air China

• You love the style of Bank Gothic, but really want something just a little different

• You are looking for a pseudo-techno style font family with versatility

• You just like to collect quality fonts to add to your design arsenal

Purchase Options

1-5 Users | $100.00


Additional Purchase Options

1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00


1-5 Users | $16.00



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