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KA-SPLAT! YWFT Ink is a dingbat font containing 69 glyphs of ink splotches. Originally designed in 2008 for an EA Games custom type project, we have now released this for public use. YWFT Ink works best to dirty up your type setting, but uses a light approach which maintains your original text's legibility. A typical use would be to set your headline/content text first, then duplicate that text object and change its font setting to YWFT Ink. Then simply adjust the YWFT Ink object to lineup on top of your type as you wish. The resulting effect will be a more vintage, rough and distressed type setting. YWFT Ink was originally designed in 2008 by YWFT, then publicly released in 2010.

The sans-serif and serif fonts shown in the image examples are not included.

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1 Font Style from $9.99

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