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The warmth and tactility of a typewriter is like nothing else. My old Remington typewriter unfortunately saw it’s last days long ago, all the keys inked and caked up, the keys no longer working as they should. I thought it was the end, but I rediscovered so many letters and memos I’d written towards the end on it and thought I’d give it a second life digitally.

My old Remy is back, it’s just my type, is it just YOUR TYPE?

I’ve taken some liberties in recreating the letters of this old typewriter, adding in a suite of ligatures, some traditional, some a little more out there (under the discretionary ligatures feature in Opentype). I wanted it to look and feel like an old typewriter, but I wanted to give it a little something more as well.

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Your Type

Font Style by Dear Alison

1 Font Style from $24 $12

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