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Youngblood is a non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders and two alternates. These alternate forms can be mixed and matched for a custom look, and Youngblood is stronger in weight and is better suited for display work than most script fonts.

Although Youngblood looks back to traditional copperplate scripts for inspiration, there is a new and exciting spirit to the design.

Youngblood includes OpenType ending swashes, ornaments, ligatures, discretionary ligatures for most common ascender pairs and old style figures.

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3 Fonts Included

Youngblood Alternate Two  |  View All 426 Glyphs

Youngblood Alternate Two

from $24.99

Youngblood Alternate One  |  View All 428 Glyphs

Youngblood Alternate One

from $24.99

Youngblood Regular  |  View All 426 Glyphs

Youngblood Regular

from $24.99

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Font Family by Insigne

3 Font Styles from $49.99

Buy Now