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Font Family by Fontalicious

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Pitching TV show ideas to a network is really fun. You basically come up with a great concept, schedule a meeting, and they buy your idea for tons of money, although sometimes it doesn't always work that smooth. Take my idea I pitched to MTV: Hip-hop mogul "Puff Daddy type" travels back in time to 1761 and kidnaps five-year-old child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He then brings him back to present day and secretly uses Li'l Mozart's musical gifts to take the hip-hop game to the next level. They hated the idea, but loved the font. I told them it was a package deal or I walk. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on that phone call, but I have a gut feeling they're getting the paperwork together, so better lock down this font before the network swipes it up exclusively!

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Font Style by Fontalicious

1 Font Style from $19.95

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