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Taglio's name is derived from intaglio, which means ?incised carving? or ?an impression from an engraving?. Indeed, Taglio looks like an incised engraving with a contemporary calligraphic interpretation. The down strokes start with a single horizontal line that curves into a dual vertical line and ends with the same single line at the base. The dual elongated strokes create a bold overall impression but is literally twice as sophisticated than if the two lines were solid. That was exactly the goal in creating this font. We managed to create a font that is distinctive, elegant, and crisp that is also intentionally stencilled for more flexibility. For instance, it is ideal for laser cutting signage.

One of the unique features in using the capital glyphs is that they stack perfectly without losing legibility, primarily because of the slanted ends of the dual vertical lines - see the example ?Miami Fashion Week? display ad. Taglio's unusual style was carefully crafted to come to life at display sizes. It is therefore ideal for use in branding fashion, restaurants, buildings, packaging, museums, signage, etc. An ideal pairing font is our WERK family which can be seen on some of the display ads below. Taglio has a sparkling and sophisticated personality that will absolutely delight!

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Font Style by Wilton Foundry

1 Font Style from $29

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