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I have upgraded my existing font software and also bought new font software to play around with. It takes some time getting used to working with it; the upgraded software feels similar to what I am used to, but handles things differently and the new software is intuitive, but comes with its own language and ways of doing things.
I spend most days reading the handbooks and watching online tutorials, but I did manage to create a font.
Steamed is a hand drawn all caps display font that comes with a whole bunch of accented glyphs (even Vietnamese) to play around with.

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2 Fonts Included

Steamed Regular  |  View All 632 Glyphs

Steamed Regular

from $15

Steamed Italic  |  View All 632 Glyphs

Steamed Italic

from $15

Save 16% ($5) when you buy the full family!

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Font Family by Hanoded

2 Font Styles from $25

Buy Now