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Speed Bump

Font Family by Three Islands Press

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I'd toiled so long over Pumpkinseed back in '96 that I guess I needed a good, wild ride to shake out the head cramps, or something. Whatever grabbed me, it forced me to sit down and design a typeface real fast directly in Fontographer (had never done that before). Took less than two hours to finish the regular character set. No way to explain it, but the exercise actually paid off -- I think. And now that there was Speed Bump, there simply had to be a companion dingbat set. (Beats the heck out of me.)

So check out Speed Bump's wacky character(s) and, if you're really bored, the 200-some-odd little pictures in Speed Bump Pi.

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Speed Bump

Font Style by Three Islands Press

1 Font Style from $19

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